Sellers of Distressed Real Estate

Viridian affords sellers a proven environmental liability transfer package - supported by financial and insurance tools - assuring sellers that contamination present at the time of acquisition will be remediated with full regulatory closure.

Sellers of Distressed Real Estate

Over the last 15+ years and 50+ transactions, Viridian has not a single instance where the liability of our acquired property has reached back to the original corporate owner.

Working together starts here.

From liability to ability

Hidden potential

Selling a contaminated property or site is no easy task, there are significant hurdles beyond the sale itself.

Environmentally contaminated land creates a significant liability for an organization and a community.

We have a track record of successfully ensuring that the environmental contamination and liability are properly and permanently addressed.

Turning problems into possibilities

Observable results

Our risk transfer template allows sellers to recapture substantial balance-sheet environmental reserves.

We structure transactions that permit our corporate sellers to capture the market value of Brownfield properties by returning them to productive reuse, while releasing balance sheet liabilities for their remedial obligations.


total acres successfully redeveloped


square feet of redevelopment


total project capitalization

Viridian’s Liability Assumption Program

Solutions that work for every party involved.

Our Seller repositioning process includes:


Due Diligence

Viridian environmental risk management and liability transfer template assures multiple layers of protection.

This starts with a thorough identification of site contamination with environmental and engineering studies, then working hand-in-hand with the environmental regulatory agency to create a plan for remediation.


Insurance and
Risk Management

Our indemnification to sellers is backed by financial assurances tailored to the needs of each property.

Environmental insurance is procured to cover all parties. Insurance deductible exposures are capitalized in the project budget.



Execute a comprehensive remediation plan that facilitates redevelopment, minimizes long term management obligations, and results in environmental closure.

Clean-up and infrastructure contractors are instrumental to achieve critical performance milestones such as obtaining a "no further action" determination for the site.



Viridian believes it is essential to indemnify sellers and resolve active environmental remediation obligations, prior to sale or transfer to a third party.

It provides corporate sellers a high level of confidence that any transferred environmental risk has been fully addressed.

I’ve met many very competent executives in my career, and Viridian Partners compare very well to the best and most ethical people I’ve ever worked with.

Bob Gal

Consultant and Retired Senior VP, Wakefern Foods

We all worked together really well. Everyone got a good deal in the end. Everybody won. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Tom Hunsberger

Director, Hercules/Ashland

What’s most important in the real estate business is that you find a crew that is committed to doing what they say they’re going to do and close. And those guys did what they said they were going to do.

Randal Brown

Principal, Heathrow Real Estate

Viridian Partners are very responsive and thorough. They are great listeners. Questions and inquiries get immediate responses. They are realistic and level-headed; there aren’t emotions in the project.

Thomas Monahan

Vice Chairman, CBRE Brokerage

Viridian Partners’ work extremely hard and they’re very laser-focused. When they want something, they don’t hold back until they get to where they want to go.

Daniel De La Paz

Executive VP, CBRE Advisory & Transaction Services

Viridian does their work with complete honesty and amazing integrity. What they said they would do, they did. It’s absolutely true.

Bob Gal

Consultant and Retired Senior VP, Wakefern Foods

They’re dedicated, committed. They don’t overextend themselves, they don’t take on too many projects. When Viridian’s on a project, they’re focused on it.

Darla Longo

Vice Chairman and Managing Director, CBRE Capital Markets

There were a lot of moving parts, and with every transaction there are bumps along the way, but eventually with their knowledge of the regulatory and capital markets, they were able to get it closed.

Randal Brown

Principal, Heathrow Real Estate Group

You need a group like Viridian to help everyone work together to get these projects done right. Viridian takes the project from cradle to grave.

Tom Hunsberger

Tom Hunsberger, Director, Hercules/Ashland

Sellers of properties remediated and redeveloped by Viridian Partners.

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