Community Partners

Viridian works closely with local municipalities to ensure our remediated properties facilitate social and economic renewal, improving health and safety for our neighbors. In a nutshell, we care.

Community Partners

Our revitalization of non-productive real estate enhances the aesthetics and economics of the communities within which we operate.

A Partner of the Public

From servants to stewards, Viridian is a trusted expert in the business of transforming distressed property into functional, commercial, and industrial developments in highly desirable locations.


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Time-tested and proven solutions

Viridian has a successful track record of completing projects in the most comprehensive regulatory environments, including New Jersey and California.

Growing local economies & communities

Local municipalities benefit greatly from the social and economic renewal our remediated properties create, particularly through growth in jobs and increased revenue as well as improved community amenities and appeal.

Renewable & sustainable for tomorrow’s generations

Be part of an increasing number of municipalities that are making smart choices for their urban development, while guaranteeing that renewed, sustainable space and patterns of growth are ensured for future generations.

Our guiding principles.

We take no short cuts and complete each job according to the highest standards for environmental stewardship. Viridian Partners established the following six fundamentals as guiding principles:

1. Advancing long-term environmental stewardship

2. Integrating land redevelopment with property clean-up

3. Avoidance of government subsidies in repositioning its properties

4. Creation of new and sustainable tax revenues and jobs

5. Assuming and managing environmental remediation obligations

6. Sustainable natural resources

Viridian Partners are a class act. They don’t try to cut corners. They embrace whatever needs to be done.

Anthony Findley

Brownfield Project Manager, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

We’ve done a lot of clean-up sites, there are a lot of contaminated sites in the area. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection is pretty tough unless you know what you’re doing, you have a plan and you’re reputable. I think the DEP would probably concur with me that Viridian is trustworthy, and that’s why they got this done so quickly.

John McCormac

Mayor of Woodbridge, NJ

Viridian Partners’ honesty and integrity are top notch. They do not over promise. They do not bluff as to what they can and cannot do. They are unbelievably practical in making sure they put together a deal that’s actually going to work economically and environmentally.

Bob Smith

Bob Smith & Associates / Real Estate Attorney

The biggest thing was the great team Viridian assembled – the lending folks, the general contractor, geo-tech, regulators, the municipality. We all sat down as a team, and they made sure everybody’s concerns and issues were addressed.

Anthony Findley

Brownfield Project Manager, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Viridian Partners’ values and moral compass are very strong, and it really shows throughout the process.  They’ve been true to everybody throughout the process.

Daniel De La Paz

Executive VP, CBRE Advisory & Transaction Services

Everything was connected, you knew how every dollar was being spent. Viridian’s spreadsheets were just phenomenal. As an engineer, I thought this was just phenomenal. It was wonderful working with them.

Anthony Findley

Brownfield Project Manager, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Viridian Partners are flexible and easy to work with. While they do have a tried and true template, they are willing to be flexible to make it work for all parties.

Tom Hunsberger

Director, Hercules/Ashland

Viridian is a very reputable company; they were very open and honest with us. I trust them implicitly. They were a very straightforward group of individuals with high integrity.

John McCormac

Mayor of Woodbridge, NJ

Viridian takes the tough stuff that nobody else is willing to go near, and they solve the problems. They’re not afraid to spend whatever time and expertise are necessary to get it done.

Bob Smith

Bob Smith & Associates / Real Estate Attorney

Environment Policy

Our Commitment

Viridian’s goal is the elimination of health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks associated with the adverse footprint left by formerly contaminated industrial land.

As we conduct this business, Viridian is
committed to protecting the health and safety of everybody who plays a part in our operations and lives in the communities in which we operate.

Wherever we operate, we will conduct our business with respect and care for both the local and global environment and systematically manage risks to drive sustainability in the revitalization of brownfield property.

Our Expectations

Through implementation of this policy, Viridian seeks to earn the public’s trust and to be recognized as the leader in HSE performance in the brownfield revitalization business.

Viridian embraces a philosophy of environmental conservation, preserving natural habitats, and reclaiming fallow land to productive re-use while creating new tax revenues and jobs for local communities.

What's a brownfield?

Brownfields are land parcels where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination and where there is an active potential for redevelopment.

The Problem: Inaction

Brownfields are eyesores that lower property values, provide no tax revenues, pose health risks to residents, and stunt the growth of communities.

The Solution: Opportunity.

Our clean-up and approval process revitalizes otherwise non-productive real estate for economic growth, civic good, and ecological preservation.

Municipalities and regulatory agencies Viridian has collaborated with in the remediation and redevelopment of properties.

Viridian Partners' mission is revitalizing anon-productive real estate. Our goal is enhancing the aesthetics and finances of the communities where we redevelop.