Darla Longo

They’re dedicated, committed. They don’t overextend themselves, they don’t take on too many projects. When Viridian’s on a project, they’re focused on it.”

Darla LongoVice Chairman and Managing Director, CBRE Capital Markets
Daniel De La Paz

There are a million items involved in a project like this and each of those items has a different path and coordinating those to go down the same path is very, very difficult. But Viridian makes it look easy. And they make it all look connected. It’s like solving a puzzle – knowing which pieces go where and how they fit.  Viridian’s level of detail is unlike anything that I’ve seen. It’s a monumental task, and they’re doing a phenomenal job.”

Daniel De La PazExecutive VP, CBRE Advisory & Transaction Services
Anthony Findley

The biggest thing was the great team Viridian assembled – the lending folks, the general contractor, geotech, regulators, the municipality. We all sat down as a team, and they made sure everybody’s concerns and issues were addressed. You know everybody’s going to have their own things they want to get done and there would have to be some give and take, but at the end of the day Viridian was able to get everything done.”

Anthony Findley Brownfield Project Manager, NJ Department of Environmental Protection
John McCormac

Viridian is a very reputable company; they were very open and honest with us. I trust them implicitly. They were a very straightforward group of individuals with high integrity.

John McCormacMayor of Woodbridge, NJ
David Confer

“Viridian Partners were always very good communicators. They’re very complicated projects, but they’re able to boil it down in a way that everyone understands so we could make smart decisions. They’re great guys; I trust them. They’re top notch.

David ConferManaging Director, Clarion Partners
Bob Smith

Viridian takes the tough stuff that nobody else is willing to go near, and they solve the problems. They’re not afraid to spend whatever time and expertise are necessary to get it done. They really are impressive at all levels.

Bob SmithBob Smith & Associates / Real Estate Attorney

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