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“I am beyond thankful and pleased with support I have received from the Viridian team. They have been extremely helpful and patient with all my queries.”

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“The previous owners and operators of the site included Ashland Company, Heyden Chemical Corporation and Catalin Corporation. In 1980, Sherwin-Williams Corporation purchased the plant from Ashland. Sherwin-Williams manufactured antioxidant and phenolic resins on site from 1981 to 1985 when it was sold to PMC Specialties Group. ”

James BondCEO, Marries & Co.
Remediation and Sitework

“The property was initially developed in the 1860’s by the Guggenheim family, and was used for a variety of industrial purposes, including disposal of waste slag and other metal smelting wastes, lead processing, paint pigment manufacture, as well as bulk storage and distribution of salt, aragonite, acids, and glycols. A RAWP, addressing both soils and groundwater, has been approved by the NJDEP. ”

Peter KainManaging Director, Widget Corp

“The remediation plan includes the finalization of a Groundwater Monitoring Program, removal of old manufacturing foundations, and the import and grading of over 30,000 cubic yards of Processed Dredge Material fill.”

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“Excellent customer service, very helpful, answering in less than 24h. Viridian Partners are truly experts in Brownfield Redevelopment.”

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“Viridian entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the NJDEP for voluntarily remediation the site.  Viridian worked with the City of Elizabeth, Union County, the NJDEP, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on an integrated remediation and repositioning plan that included capping of the site with an estimated 50,000 cubic yards of imported fill.”

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