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Viridian Partners are actively acquiring distressed property and underutilized assets with industrial and commercial redevelopment potential.

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Viridian Partners employ the knowledge and hands-on expertise

Environmentally contaminated land creates a significant liability for an organization and a community. No one wants to sell their contaminated property, only to find months or years later that the liability never left their balance sheet. Viridian knows that the sale itself isn’t the end of the game if the envi-ronmental contamination and liability aren’t properly and permanently addressed.

How do we do this? By offering a time-proven environmental liability transfer package – supported by financial and insurance tools – assuring sellers that contamination present at the time of acquisition will be remediated with full regulatory closure. In the 50+ transactions for which we have employed this model, there is not a single instance where the liability of a Viridian-acquired property has come back to the original corporate owners. Viridian is arguably the gold standard in a very limited pool of brownfield redevelopers offering a bona fide risk transfer package.

Here’s a visual representation of how our liability assumption process works:


Viridian embraces the unique philosophy that Brownfield development requires equal parts real estate, remediation and environmental risk management expertise. Our in-house professionals working in partnership with a highly qualified set of environmental attorneys, engineers and insurance experts are best suited to ensure that site remediation work is fully completed to the benefit of all parties.

We value the trust that sellers place in our experience and track-record. We provide the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that we will carry out what we’ve committed to do.

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