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Viridian Partners utilize decades of remediation expertise and strong relationships with regulators in local markets to bring properties to full compliance with end-use plans.

Viridian Partners employ the knowledge and hands-on expertise

The Viridian team has a long track record of completing deals in the most challenging regulatory environments in the country, including New Jersey and California. Our platform relies heavily on “boots on the ground” management, brownfield remediation skills, and seasoned relationships with environmental, real estate, legal, and engineering professionals.

Local municipalities benefit greatly from the social and economic renewal our remediated properties create, particularly through growth in jobs and increased revenue as well as improved community amenities and appeal.

Working with Viridian means bringing a time-tested and proven solution to your community. Be part of a growing number of municipalities that are making smart choices for their urban development, while guaranteeing that renewed, sustainable space and patterns of growth are ensured for future generations.

We take no short cuts and complete each job according to the highest standards for environmental stewardship. Viridian Partners have established the following six fundamentals as guiding principles:

  1. Integration of land redevelopment with property clean-up
  2. Assumption and professional management of environmental remediation obligations
  3. Advancement of long-term environmental stewardship
  4. Creation of new and sustainable tax revenues and jobs
  5. Avoidance of government subsidies in repositioning its properties
  6. Sustainable preservation and enhancement of natural resources

Viridian Partners focus solely of the revitalization of non-productive real estate, with the goal of enhancing both the aesthetics and economics of the communities within which we operate.

In a nutshell, we care.

Viridian embraces the unique philosophy that Brownfield development requires equal parts real estate, remediation and environmental risk management expertise. Our in-house professionals working in partnership with a highly qualified set of environmental attorneys, engineers and insurance experts are best suited to ensure that site remediation work is fully completed to the benefit of all parties.

We value the trust that sellers place in our experience and track-record. We provide the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that we will carry out what we’ve committed to do.

Is there a distressed property in your community that you would like to repurpose to productive use?

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