Meadowlands Distribution Center – Carlstadt, New Jersey

Repositioning Case Study


The 18.2-acre site is located just north of New Jersey’s Meadowland Sport Complex, and is immediately accessible to the NJ Turnpike via Routes 3, 17 and I-80.  Real estate and landfill closure entitlements were processed for a 334,175 square foot warehouse distribution center from the City of Carlstadt and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.   

The property was operated after World War II and until 1977 as a clay pit that provided material for local brickworks, removing soil down to approximately 30 feet below sea level.  The previous owners received permission from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to operate the facility as a registered solid waste disposal facility in June 1977, restricting the landfill to receive only construction and demolition (C&D) waste.  The facility received solid waste over a two-year period and was closed in 1979.


Remedial Solution

Gas-monitoring wells were installed to determine the volume of VOC’s generated by the landfill.  The result of the tests revealed the presence of sufficient methane gas to warrant a collection system.  Pursuant an NJDEP approved Landfill Closure Permit, the methane collection and disposal system was installed during vertical construction and the landfill formally closed.