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The words “environmental contamination” immediately create the knee jerk reaction of “no” from many investors, but a smart investor asks how he or she is protected against this risk. Viridian has developed a series of risk protocols that mitigate and compartmentalize risks for both the seller and the investor.

With few exceptions, the Brownfields marketplace is largely devoid of quality, experienced players with a proven track record of successfully repositioning Brownfield real estate. The competitive landscape is comprised of a few regional developers that do a handful of one-off transactions, with the balance comprised of development interests who team with remediation contractors to perform the cleanup of these properties on a fixed-price guaranteed basis.

Viridian Partners have repositioned more the 50 large-scale Brownfield projects across the country during their careers. Our focus is always on the real estate and its redevelopment potential, and we are not interested in building a backlog of remediation service and construction work.

Our broad skill set and decades of expertise allows us to carry a deal from environmental remediation through vertical development, while maximizing the value of the project. As such, there are significant and exceptional opportunities for equity partners and lenders to be involved along the continuum.

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