Our Remediation Capabilities

With few exceptions, the Brownfields marketplace is largely devoid of quality, well capitalized, experienced players with a proven track record of successfully repositioning Brownfield real estate.  The competitive landscape is comprised of a few regional developers that do a handful of one-off transactions, with the balance comprised of development interests who team with remediation contractors to perform the cleanup of these properties on a fixed-price guaranteed basis.

In most cases, developers look to the Brownfield seller for an indemnification from all pre and post-acquisition environmental liability.  Alternatively, they look to standard market insurance tools and remediation contractors to resolve the cleanup related matters.  In either case, the Brownfield seller is not receiving the closure on post sale environmental liability that the Viridian business template provides.

The advantage of working with Viridian Partners is the most sophisticated risk management program in the Brownfields marketplace, coupled with over 70 years of combined team real estate development expertise.


Viridian’s liability assumption allows sellers the opportunity to recapture balance sheet reserves maintained to address future clean-up liabilities at the time of sale.  The integration of the cleanup with development requires soils work to ensure that remediation efforts are efficiently tied to the development plans.  This permits a sale of the property with no transfer of environmental obligations to a future buyer.

Viridian is able to provide sellers, joint venture partners, and buyers sophisticated liability management of its real estate transactions. Viridian professionally manages ongoing monitoring of the remediation process and provides full management of any trailing environmental obligations after the sale of the property.  Viridian’s liability management and real estate expertise make them the leader in Brownfield development.  Viridian is committed to redeveloping distressed, environmentally contaminated properties, providing economic benefits to our Partners and the community.

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