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Viridian delivers state-of-the-art commercial space that meets the needs of discriminating tenants in primary, high barrier to entry markets.

Viridian Partners employ the knowledge and hands-on expertise

Viridian Partners are trusted experts in the business of transforming distressed property into clean, functional commercial and industrial developments in highly desirable locations.

Why remediate distressed property?

Many of the “brownfield” sites Viridian acquires and remediates were sites contaminated by former commercial or industrial users. In addition to the obvious public health and safety benefits of cleaning up contaminated land, many former brownfields are in highly desirable locations, close to high-density urban areas.

Remediation and redevelopment of these spaces takes a unique and robust skill set, one which Viridian Partners have honed through decades of national experience in over 50 completed projects. We work closely with local environmental groups, regulators, capital partners, sellers and end-users to ensure that every step is completed with an impeccable degree of attention to detail and a spirit of collaboration. This approach has garnered us rave reviews as well as a strong reputation in the industry.

Are there risks to utilizing remediated property?

Corporate sellers need a high level of confidence that any transferred environmental risk does not come back to them. Likewise, Viridian believes that it is important not to pass along continuing environmental obligations to our buyers at the time of sale. Viridian embraces a unique philosophy that Brownfield development requires equal parts real estate, remediation and environmental risk management expertise. Our in-house professionals work in partnership with a highly qualified set of environmental attorneys, engineers and insurance experts to ensure that site remediation work is fully completed to the benefit of all parties.

Why buy or lease remediated property?

Viridian’s remediated properties are typically in high density urban environments where land for new operations is either unavailable or highly constrained. Through our carefully planned developments, new opportunities arise for businesses who want to take advantage of nearby workforce talent and skills as well as readily available municipal services and infrastructure, including mass transit.

Occupying a Viridian-transformed property means being part of the solution — being a company that makes smart choices for our urban environments, and guaranteeing that renewed, sustainable space and patterns of development are ensured for future generations.

Tenants/owners of properties that have been remediated and/or redeveloped by Viridian include:

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