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Viridian Partners acquires, remediates, repositions and manages risk, with the intent of selling or redeveloping surplus, distressed properties within highly constrained urban markets. Founded in 2003 as a Brownfield development company, Viridian established the following six fundamentals as guiding principles:

  1. Integration of land redevelopment with property clean-up
  2. Assumption and professional management of environmental remediation obligations
  3. Advancement of long-term environmental stewardship
  4. Creation of new and sustainable tax revenues and jobs
  5. Avoidance of government subsidies in repositioning its properties
  6. Sustainable preservation and enhancement of natural resources

Viridian has refined Brownfield redevelopment through a unique integration of land repositioning and remediation. Orchestrated by an exceptionally experienced team of professionals, Viridian has proven its effectiveness in the marketplace with the repositioning of over 50 Brownfield properties during their careers. 

Central to Viridians success is its ability to provide well collateralized environmental indemnifications to its sellers providing assurance of remediation performance and long-term stewardship. Environmental insurance is acquired, escrows established in trust for insurance deductibles and projected long term stewardship cost, and sellers named as additional insured. The security of Viridians risk transfer template has allowed its sellers to recapture substantial balance sheet environmental reserves.

Viridian competes with both traditional developers and Brownfield developers, environmental assumption liability entities, and engineering and environmental consultants. Unlike most of these entities, Viridian does not seek an indemnification from the Seller. Our focus is always on the real estate and its redevelopment potential, and we are not interested in building a backlog of remediation service and construction work.

We are real estate principals with a developer mindset. We provide robust environmental indemnification to our sellers backed by financial guarantees supporting our performance. We strive to achieve solutions that work for all parties involved.

Viridian has completed five New Jersey properties totaling in excess of 6.1 million square feet of Class A distribution facilities, with a total project capitalization exceeding $460 million.  Viridian is currently pursuing properties in New Jersey, California, Florida, and a number of other select markets.

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Project Profiles

Over the last fifteen years, Viridian Partners has successfully repositioned over 50 Brownfield properties.

Risk Management

Viridian engineers a state-of-the-art environmental risk management and liability transfer template.

Our Capabilities

Viridian is able to provide sophisticated liability management of its real estate transactions.

Acquisition Criteria

Viridian acquires assets or portfolios with remediated and repositioned values in excess of $10 million.

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